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Biographical Summary
David Wade (1942-2012) - Choral Conductor, School Music Teacher and Kodály Music Education Practitioner
For virtually the whole of his life, David was involved with choral music, either behind the baton as a conductor or in front as a chorister and tenor  soloist. In addition to his early choral activities in the United Kingdom, David made a considerable and significant contribution to music making in  the Geelong area and beyond. He was the permanent conductor of what became The Geelong Chorale, known then as The GAMA Singers, from  1980-1991. He performed as a chorister with the Melbourne Chorale, conducted by Val Pyers, and performed with the Chorale at the Sydney Opera  House where he was one of the soloists. David contributed his fine tenor voice to the St Paul’s Church augmented choirs, conducted by John  Brockman, and was a member of St Luke’s Uniting Church Choir in Highton from 1996, initially singing tenor under Joyce MacRobbie as conductor  and then taking over the conductor’s role himself until 1999. He also played the organ at St Luke’s. David then joined the All Saint’s Church Choir in  Newtown, then conducted by Meryl Webb, before becoming Musical Director, in which positions he undertook the dual roles of organist and choir  director from 2001 until 2011. Following his retirement from All Saints’, he assisted at St John’s Highton, before becoming honorary organist at the  Parish of Holy Trinity in Lara and at Christ Church, Little River.      Having retired from his teaching position at Geelong Grammar School in 1992, David taught piano organ and singing in private practice. During this  period, David also taught on a part-time basis at The Geelong College for sixteen years and at the Meagan Burch Music Tuition practice at  Freshwater Creek, in which capacity he taught the piano at numerous schools in and around Geelong from 1999 until his final illness and passing in  2012.    David was a highly gifted and committed musician who contributed greatly to the enrichment of the school, church and local communities of which  he was part.  David was also an accomplished composer of church and other music which further enhanced his standing as a musician.    In addition to his work as performing musician, David Wade made an outstanding contribution to music education, not just in his school and other  teaching roles, but as one of the most highly-skilled and well-respected Kodály music education practitioners in Victoria. His belief in the  effectiveness of this classroom music method was demonstrated in a Research Paper entitled “Approaches of Music Educators to Kodály-based  Music Education in the Australian Context” which he completed in 1996 as part of his Master of Education degree from Deakin University.  This  research paper is not only a fine piece of scholarship but also represents a significant contribution to music education research which has on-going  significance for Kodály-based classroom music teaching in Australia. 
David Wade was born in Yorkshire, United Kingdom, in 1942. David undertook  musical studies from an early age, gaining grade certificates in voice, organ, theory,  piano, French horn, trumpet and bassoon. He undertook teacher training at St  John’s College, York, and sang in Wells Cathedral Choir as a Tenor Vicar-Choral  whilst teaching at Wells Cathedral School. He obtained the Performer’s Diploma in  the Art of Organ Playing from Trinity College of Music London in 1961. David was  then admitted as an Associate of the College (ATCL) and in 1967 graduated from  the Royal Academy of Music in London with the Licentiate Diploma (LRAM) in Voice  Culture.    David emigrated with his family to Australia in 1971 to take up a position at Geelong  Grammar School, living at Corio for the first year, teaching in middle school and  commuting to Bostock House several times per week.  In 1972 he moved to the  Highton Campus, where he taught classroom music to students from Kindergarten  level to Year 9. Continuing to commute to Corio on a regular basis as well as being  musical director for several school musical ensembles including choirmaster at the  Highton Campus. In 1976 he was appointed choirmaster of The Chapel Choir at  Corio, the position which he held until the end of 1985.  In 1972, he obtained a distinction in the examination for Associate of Music  (AMusA) in Organ Performance awarded by the Australian Music Examinations  Board and went on to complete a Bachelor of Education degree at Deakin  University in 1990. He continued with university studies and in 1996 graduated with  a Master of Education degree from Deakin University.