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David Wade (1942-2012) - Choral Conductor, School Music Teacher and Kodály Music Education Practitioner
David Wade was an accomplished composer of church and other music. Manuscript copies (as PDF files) of two of his church music  works are included below as examples of his compositional output.  (i) Sonnet for Lent (For Father Les) - Set to a poem by Leslie W. Bull; Music for SATB Choir and Organ composed by David Wade  (1992). Background Note: Father Les Bull, to whom this anthem is dedicated, is a ninety-two year old retired priest much loved by the  congragation of All Saints’, Newtown.  For many years, Father Les penned devotional and contemplative poetry, of which his “Sonnet for  Lent” is a fine example. Three volumes of Father les’s poems, essays and meditations have been published but this is the first setting of  one of his poems to music.  Sonnet for Lent (ii) Beloved, Let Us Love (In memorian, Chandra Daniel Sinniah) - A paraphrase of the First Epistle of St John, Chapter 4, Verses 7 and  9; Music for SATB Choir and Organ composed by David Wade (1995). Beloved, Let Us Love