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John Percival Ingram (1915-1997) - Musician, Composer, Music Educator and Music Publisher
To Musique - Suite for Viola with Pianoforte and Tenor Poem* To Musique - Prelude Viola and Pianoforte Soft Musick Tenor and Viola Againe Tenor and Viola Upon Julie’s Voice Tenor and Viola To Musick - A Song Soprano, Viola and Pianoforte To Musick Tenor and Viola Onely a little more Tenor and Viola Upon a Gentlewoman with a Sweet Voice Tenor and Viola Upon her Voice Tenor and Viola Poem* To Musique - Epilogue Viola and Pianoforte * text included in the score (PDF) that follows
John Igram was much influenced by poetry, in particular the sonnets of Shakespeare and the poems of the English Cavalier poet  Robert Herrick (1591-1674). Ingram spent considerable effort on setting poems to music, including his three-part Herrick’s Garden: Part 1 - Morning in Herrick’s Garden - “gather ye rosebuds while ye may”; “to violets, to carnations” Part 2 - Noon in the garden - “to daffodils, to daisies not to haste wasy so soon” Part 3 Evening in the garden Ingram arranged some of the music from Herrick’s Garden into a shorter work entitled To Musique - Suite for Viola with Pianoforte  and Tenor. The score and audio recordings of this work are accessible below.
To Musique Suite