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Biographical Summary
Arthur Stedman Loam (1892-1976) - Composer and Piano Teacher
Overview Arthur Loam was a highly respected piano teacher and composer of choral  music and piano music, the latter being mainly for pedagogical purposes as list  pieces of public music examinations conducted by the Australian Music  Examinations Board.  Much of this music was published by Allans Music  Australia Ltd. Aside from publishing under his own name, he used the following  pseudonyms: Felix Darrell, Henri Delsaux, Julia Clayton, Philip Dale and  Vernon Stratton. Born at Weymouth, Dorset in the United Kingdom, Loam emigrated to Australia  in 1914.  After military service as a Bandsman in the 38th Battalion of the  Australia Imperial Forces in Northern France.  On returning to Australia, Loam  spent most of his professional life in rural New South Wales and Victoria, living  at Narrandera, Wagga Wagga and Bendigo. His biography, a catalogue of his compositions and a scholarly assessment of  his contribution to Australian music and music education was completed by Sue  Ciantar as a Professional Research Project for the degree of Master of Music  Studies at The University of Melbourne in 2011. Her research report, entitled  “Arthur Stedman Loam (1892-1976), Australian Composer: His contribution to  musical culture and music teaching” represents a fine work of scholarship and  with her permission, this research report may be accessed as a PDF file by  clicking on the PDF icon opposite:
Other References “Loam, Arthur Stedman” (biographical entry) in The Oxford Companion to Australian Music, ed. by Warren Bebbington (Melbourne: Oxford University Press, 1997), p. 347. Australian Music Centre’s listing of Loam’s compositions (incomplete) -[]=Arthur+S.+Loam Video sample of one of Loam’s composition “A passing storm” -