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Biographical Summary
John Percival Ingram (1915-1997) - Musician, Composer, Music Educator and Music Publisher
Obituary for John Percival Ingram  by May Clifford, President, Victorian Music Teachers Association, with additional material by Robin Stevens  John Ingram died on Sunday, 26 October 1997. He was one of VMTA’s Honorary Life Members, having been President of the Victorian  Music Teachers’ Association from 1958 to 1960. A graduate of the University Conservatorium of Music, as the Faculty of Music at the University of Melbourne was then known, John  served in the army during World War II along with other well known Melbourne musicians. After the war, he joined the teaching staff at  the University Conservatorium where he became well known as a teacher of theory and harmony. He was also kept busy as a church  organist and choirmaster. He was involved in the music at St John’s Anglican Church in Heidelberg for many years and then at the  Anglican Church in Point Lonsdale. John was an examiner of piano and theory for the Australian Music Examinations Board for many years and helped many teachers and  students by correspondence. Amongst his compositions there is a great deal of church music, choral settings for various combinations and other works published  under his own name and pseudonyms including Julia Coquhoun, Robert Coquhoun and Alfred Mott.  His book of nearly 600 descants  based on hymns in The Australian Hymn Book which he entitled Angeli in Angelellis - Hymns Enhanced, was first published in 1987. In the early sixties John Ingram established the Victorian Council for Music Education. He was always an idealist and interested in  helping private music teachers. His publications of analysis of examination material and recordings of teaching pieces etc. are familiar to  many teachers in VMTA. He even set himself the task of building a small seminar centre along the Great Ocean Road where teachers  might hold small seminars and recitals — an opportunity to develop the ideals and strategies of music teaching in a friendly and relaxed  atmosphere. Unfortunately, the house was destroyed by fire in the drastic bushfires which swept through the area surrounding the Great  Ocean Road. During his latter years, he organised Sunday afternoon recitals held at the Ingram home in Point Lonsdale, with proceeds going to charitable causes.
John Ingram’s career in music included being Director of Music, Methodist  Ladies College, Lecturer in Harmony and Counterpoint, University  Conservatorium of Music, The University of Melbourne, Examiner in Piano  and Theory of Music, Australian Music Examinations Board, and Director,  Australian Council for Musical Education Pty Ltd. He graduated as a  Bachelor of Music from the University Conservatorium of Music, The  University of Melbourne, and was a Fellow of Trinity College of Music,  London. John Ingram was a prolific composer in many musical generas including  church music - most notably his descant arrangements of all the hymns in  The Australian Hymn Book, secular choral music, chamber music and  compositions for young people. In addition, John undertook a detailed  analysis analyses of works included in the examination syllabuses of the  Australian Music Examinations Board as well as his own compositions.  John Ingram’s contribution to musical performance was principally as a  pianist, choir director and church organist.
Portrait of John Ingram by C. Nicholls, 1994