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This webpage includes links to several podcasts and other resources which may be of interest to music educators, particularly in advocating the value of music in educational settings.  Many of these links are to ABC RN (Australian Boardcasting Corporation Radio National) programs. In addition, there are links to documents (as PDFs) that are not readily available from other sources.  To access these programs and documents, please click on the links (underlined text) below. Selected Podcasts Who stopped the music? - ABC RN Background Briefing, 2009 Synopsis: The parlous state of music in public schools means not only are our children missing an important dimension in life, but they miss out on something that promotes brain function and social skills. China and Venezuela understand the value of music very well, and so do Australian parents, but our politicians are tone deaf. Playing the Body (Heather Gell and the Dalcoze Method) - ABC RN Hindsight, 2011. Synopsis: A story about music, movement, and a method for combining them which became a cause celebre in Australia in the 1920s. The method known as eurhythmics might have had its heyday in the early decades of the 20th century, but through an extraordinary combination of events, agendas, influence and networking, it ended up being part of the lives of hundreds of school children into the 1940s and 50s The Role of Music in Human Evolution and Society today (Alan Harvey) - ABC RN The Science Show, 2017-18. Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4* * Includes a summary of the    benefits of music education. Music Education (Professor Jane Davidson, Professor katrina McFerran with Michael Cathcart) - EdPod, 2014 Synopsis: Music has social and cognitive benefits which boost learning across the curriculum but many schools don't have a quality music program offered to all students. Music education: more important than you think (Richard Gill, Margie Moore and Randy Glazer with Natasha Mitchell - Life Matters, 2015 Synopsis: When you think about what classes are most important to children's formal education, what comes to mind/ Is it maths? English? maybe science or history? Chances are you probably didn't think of music, but maybe we need to rethink the value we place on music class ... Should Music Education Be Part Of The Core Curriculum? (Ian Harvey, Dr. Pauline Griffiths and Mark Walton with Sandy McCutcheon) - Australia Talks Back, 2005 Synopsis: We're great music consumers but how many of us can make our own? Learning to play is good for your soul and it improves your mind. It's never too late to learn but should music education be part of the core curriculum? A full listing of ABC podcasts on the topic pg ‘music education’ is available at the following link: CLICK HERE. Documents National Review of School Music Education: Augmenting the Diminised (Robin Pascoe, Sam Leong, et al., Australian Government 2005). Inquiry into the Extent, Benefits and Potential of Music Education in Victorian Schools (Report), (Parliament of Victoria, Education and Training Committee, 2014). Music to our Ears: Bringing music to Australian schools (Music Council of Australia, 2013)