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ISME Website History Standing Committee IHME Homepage NORTH KOREA - Key Reference   Music Education in North Korea and the Development of Music Education in Yanbian: The Establishment of Music System in the Period of Socialist Construction in North Korea and the History Curriculum of Music Education in Yanbian, China  author not identified   This journal article is a key reference to the historical development of music education in North Korea and north eastern China. It was published in 2019 in Journal of Ewha Music Research Institute, vol. 23, pp. 61-84.    A copy of this article is not currently available online but contact could be made with the Ewha Music Research Institute, College of Music, Ewha Womens University, Seoul, in the Republic of [South] Korea via the following website. If obtainable, the article could be in the Korean language.           or email to the Director, Eun-ah Kwa: ISME Website History Standing Committee IHME Homepage Copyright  2014 History Standing Committee, International Society for Music Education (ISME)