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ISME Website History Standing Committee IHME Homepage CHINA - Key References  China – Socio-political constructions of school music by Wai-Chung Ho   This book chapter is a key reference for the historical development of music education in China. It was published as Chapter 13 in The Origins and Foundations of Music Education: Cross-Cultural Historical Studies of Music in Compulsory Schooling by Gordon Cox and Robin Stevens.  This book was fIrst published in hardcopy edition in 2010, then in paperback edition in 2011 as part of the Continuum Studies in Educational Research - Series Editor: Anthony Haynes -  by Continuum International Publishing Group, London.     For details of these two formats, click on the appropriate icon below to go to the following links:         Hardcopy version -         Paperback version -         eBook version -  online retilers for Bloomsbury (Continuum) eBook publications include Amazon Kindle, Google Play, Kobo and Apple.  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Mateer by Hong-yu Gong   This journal article is relates to the historical development of music education in China. It was published in the Chime Journal (Journal of the European Foundation for Chinese Music Research), Issues 18-19, 2013, pp. 101-134.   Free access to the full text is available on the Chime Journal Back Issues Dropbox via the following URL or simply click on the icon to go the Dropbox page:  Other relevant articles by Hong-yu Gong Gong, Hong-yu. (2018). Embracing Western Music via Japan: Chinese Intellectuals, Japan, and the Beginnings of Modern Music Education in China. Journal of Music in China (Vol. Vol. 8, No. 1).  Gong, Hong-yu. (2020). Hao Luyi ruogan shishi kaobian (Louise Strong Hammond in China, 1913-1945). Yinyue wenhua yanjiu (Studies in Musical Culture) (Vol. 3).  Gong, Hong-yu. (2017). Musical teaching texts in Chinese preserved at the Bodleian's Library, Oxford University). Yinyue tansuo (Explorations in Music) (Vol. No. 4).  Gong, H-Y. (2017). 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