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Celebratory Events

Curwen Primary School, Atlas Road, Plaistow, London E13 0AG


The John Curwen Bicentenary was celebrated by students and staff of Curwen Primary School in the week beginning 14th November 2016 with the following events: The School Assembly for the week focussed on the heritage and significance of John Curwen and the word of the week will be Creativity. On Wednesday, 16th November, the timetable for the school was given over to special activities focusing on the life and work of John Curwen including the asking of questions using the 5 Ws and learning some songs. Some year groups madcross-curricular links with their curriculum. Curwen Primary School Council visited the Curwen Press, which was established in 1863 by Curwen and in 1897 become J. Curwen and Sons, Music Publishers.  From 1933, part of the business became a separate entity, publishing art work and prints. The J. Curwen and Sons Printing Works was originally situated in Plaistow near the school. On the afternoon of Friday, 18th November in the whole school assembly, students showcased and celebrated their learning over the week about John Curwen. Students’ work on John Curwen was exhibited in the School’s progression display area. Children in Key Stage 1 children used the Curwen hand signs in their rehearsing of “Doe, a deer, a female deer” from the Sound of Music for the summer concert. The school celebrated the Curwen Bicentenary with special activities - see  
John Curwen - Developer of the Tonic Sol-fa Method The Curwen Bicentenary 1816 - 2016 Events