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The following articles represent what are effectively meta-analyses of data from the Bibliography of Australian Music Education Research over the period 2000 to 2014.  Although the means of analysis varied, these articles (in chronological order) nevertheless represent the growth of music education research in Australia and the areas in which research has been undertaken.  Please click on the “Access” buttons to open / download the PDF files.
2000 - Stevens, R.S. ‘Where are we Twenty Years on?—A Review of Australian Music Education Research for the Period 1978–1997’, Research Studies in Music Education, vol.14, pp.61-75. 2004 - Stevens, R. S. & McPherson, G. ‘Mapping music education research in Australia’, Psychology of Music, vol.32, no.3 (July), pp.331-343 2014 - Stevens, R.S. and Stefanakis, M. ‘Filling the Gaps: What Research is Needed to Assist with Music Education Advocacy in Australia’, Journal of Music Research Online, 2014 (vol. 1). http://www.jmro.org.au/index.php/mca2/article/view/123
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