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Some lesser-known Australian Musicians and Music Educators - Their Life Histories and Documentation of their Work
The purpose of this website and its constituent webpages is to provide an internet resource that celebrates the lives and work of Australian musicians and music educators whose achivements have often gone largely unrecognised. The lives and work of many such people may not qualify as being well known and therefore nationally prominent.  Nevertheless, many of these people have contributed to the nation in their particular spheres of influence and to a greater or lesser extent have left a legacy of new knowledge, artistic achievement and/or exemplary practice as musicians - composers and performers - and as music educators.  Accordingly they may be considered as significant although little known This website attempts to document and celebrate the lives and work of these musicians and music educators. Aside from a biographical summary of their lives, the respective webpages for these individuals will include (where possible) downloadble PDF copies of relevant research reports, articles, books, compositions, etc. or links to these where available at other websites and (where available) audio files of interviews or performances of compositions. It is planned to include the following people in this website whose webpages can be accessed by clicking on their names or photographs: o Dr Samuel McBurney (1847-1909) - Music Educator, Composer and         Tonic Sol-fa Advocate o Arthur Loam (1896-1976) - Composer and Piano Teacher o John Ingram (1915-1995) - Musician, Composer, Music Educator and         Music Publisher o David Wade (1942-2012) - Choral Conductor, School Music Teacher         and Kodály Practitioner  
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