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Arts Ed Press was established in 1990 by three Victorian-based academics to promote research and development in arts education and to encourage scholarly discourse on the role of the arts in school education. These three academics formed an Editorial Board that aimed to commission leading arts educators to contribute to a series of monographs under the title of “Studies in Education and The Arts”. The Editorial Board consisted of: Dr Lee Enery, Institute of Education, The University of Melbourne Professor Barbara van Ernst, Faculty of Teacher Education, Victoria College Associate Professor Robin Stevens, Faculty of Education, Deakin University The monographs were printed by Deakin University Printery and the series was distributed by Deakin University Press, Deakin University, Geelong. Due to difficulties in attracting authors at the time, this series of monographs included only two titles: McTaggart, Robin (1991), Getting started in arts education research. Geelong: Studies in Arts Education No. 1, Arts Education Press. ISBN 0646062700 -- Click HERE for a PDF copy of this monograph. Duncum, Paul Angus (1993), Beyond the fine art ghetto : why the visual arts are important in education. Geelong: Studies in Arts Education No. 2, Arts Education Press. ISBN : 0646163264 -- Click HERE for a PDF copy of this monograph. It is intented that the first in a new series, “Studies in Music Education History,” will be published in the near future. Details of this monograph are: Stevens, Robin S. (2024), An Adventurous Life - Emily Sophia Patton, Music Teacher, Traveller and Foreign Correspondant. 
Studies in Music Education History