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Volume 1 (2005), Number 1 A new voice in a new place: Musical encounters with a difference Dawn Joseph, Deakin University, Australia Volume 2 (2006), Number 1 Studying for the future: Training creative writing postgraduates for life after degrees Jeri Kroll, Flinders University, Australia & Donna Lee Brien, University of New England, Australia Volume 2 (2006), Number 2 The digital generation: The influence of portable music listening habits of first year pre- service education students on their future practice as primary school teachers Peter A. de Vries, Monash University, Australia Volume 2 (2006), Number 3 Teaching composition with music notation software in primary schools: A discussion of students’ motivation and musical products Pan-hang B. Tang, Deakin University (Australia), China Hong Kong Volume 3 (2007), Number 1 Developing composition pedagogical knowledge: Music teacher education students as online mentors Jan M. Bolton, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand Volume 3 (2007), Number 2 To learn an aesthetic language: A study of how hard-of-hearing children internalise dance Cecilia Ferm, School of Music, Luleå University of Technology, Sweden Volume 4 (2008), Number 1 The aims of art education: An analysis of visual art in Tasmania’s Essential Learnings Curriculum Sofia Shillito, University of Tasmania, Australia, Kim Beswick, University of Tasmania, Australia & Margaret Baguley, University of Tasmania, Australia
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