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Hugo Alpen (1842-1917) - New South Wales

Hugo Alpen (born at Kellinghusen, Germany, 26 October 1842; died at Sydney, 20 June 1917), music educator.  Studied with Jacques Schmidt in Germany and with Charles Horsley in Australia.   Emigrated to Melbourne in 1858 and was a choral conductor, pianist and public school singing master in rural NSW, before succeeding James Fisher as singing master at teacher training colleges in Sydney.  Appointed as Superintendent of Music in the Department of Public Instruction (1884-1908).  Developed a 'movable-doh' staff notation method of teaching music for NSW schools almost a decade before similar developments in English education.  Composed several school cantatas including Arbor Day Cantata (1891), patriotic songs and sacred works, and published school songbooks. Biographical summary by Robin S. Stevens.   References: Stevens, R. S., Music in State-Supported Education in New South Wales and Victoria, 1848-1920  (PhD thesis, University of Melbourne, 1978).  University Microfilms International, Ann Arbor, Michigan, 1980, No. 80-24820. Stevens, R. S., 'Hugo Alpen—New South Wales Superintendent of Music, 1884-1908', Unicorn, vol.19, no.3, September 1993.