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George Leavis Allan (1826-1897) - Victoria


George Leavis Allan (born at London, 3 September 1826, died at St Kilda,

Victoria, 1 April 1897), singing master, and music retailer and publisher. 

Emigrated to Victoria in 1852.  Having been trained in Hullah's 'fixed-doh'

method of teaching music, Allan was the first singing master appointed by the

Demoninational Schools Board in 1853.  Although his later appointment as

principal singing master concluded under the Board of Education in 1862, he

continued to be influential in school music as an examiner of prospective music

teachers.  In 1863, Allan joined the music warehouse of Wilkie and Webster,

becoming a partner and later its sole proprietor.  The business became Allan &

Co. in 1881 by which time it was the largest music retailer and publisher in the

south hemisphere.

Biographical summary by Robin S. Stevens.



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