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Guido d’Arezzo
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ISME Website History Standing Committee IHME Homepage THE ORFF SCHULWERK METHOD   The following reference is a representative article that documents the history of the Orff Schulwerk method during the twentieth century. Unless otherwise indicated, free access to the abstracts of these articles and access to the full text (payment may be required) is available via URLs listed below. If you have access to a university library as a student or staff member, you may have free access to download this article through your university library’s eJournal collection.   Tuned Idiophones in the Music Education of Children: The History of Orff Instruments  by V. Velásquez  The Bulletin of Historical Research in Music Education, vol. 11, no 2 (1990), pp. 93–109. ISME Website History Standing Committee IHME Homepage Copyright © 2014 History Standing Committee, International Society for Music Education (ISME)