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Guido d’Arezzo
Guidonian Hand
ISME Website History Standing Committee IHME Homepage HISTORY STANDING COMMITTEE SYMPOSIUM PRESENTED AT THE 30th ISME WORLD CONFERENCE (THESSALONIKA), 2014   Symposium Title: Greek contributions to music education philosophy  Convenor: Marie McCarthy, Chair, ISME History Standing Committee, University of Michigan Speaker: Theodora Psychoyou, University of Paris-Sorbonne  Panelists: Charis Ioranou and Ana-Lucia Frega (Argentina) Symposium Abstract: At the 2006 ISME Conference in Kuala Lumpur, I proposed to the History Standing Committee that for future conferences we would honor and highlight the music education history of the country that hosts the conference. We agreed that we would make every effort to include a session on the history of music education in that country. At the 2008 conference in Bologna, we sponsored a symposium on solmisation, chaired by Robin Stevens, and organized a tour to Arezzo, both cases highlighting the contributions of Italian musician and innovator Guido d’Arezzo. In Beijing in 2010, one HSC-sponsored session focused on the influence and presence of Confucian philosophy in the history of music education in China. The topic of Confucian philosophy and the History of Music Education in China: Insights for the 21st Century aligned well with the conference theme of Harmony and Future of the World.For the upcoming conference in Thessaloniki, the History Standing Committee proposes a Symposium on an important Greek contribution to the foundations of music education philosophy. The theme is Greek Philosophy: A Foundation of Music Education Across Cultures. The format chosen is a colloquium that will include a major presentation with three invited respondents. Each respondent will address how Greek philosophy has influenced music education philosophy in their respective countries. This comparative approach to history will deepen understanding of how the ideas of Greek philosophers were disseminated to different areas of the world and the uniqueness of their application and interpretation in particular cultural contexts. Speaker: Theodora PsychoyouTheodora Psychoyou focussed on Greek contributions to music education philosophy, particularly those of Plato. ISME Website History Standing Committee IHME Homepage Return to HSC Symposia Menu Return to HSC Symposia Menu Copyright © 2014 History Standing Committee, International Society for Music Education (ISME)